Real time suspected malware list as detected by InterServer's InterShield protection system.

  • Total Possible Malware: 1714116

  • Total confirmed malware detected: 533469

  • Total found from hex match: 1128423

    For DNS based block lists and clamav signature usage examples check out the usage page.

    These are unofficial clamAV virus databases created by InterServer that are for use in the Clamav Virus Scanner.

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    Top 50
  • 43d430de4d50735d279247894a750dbcc0b4e74707f3f0d9a9de59025e7ef7bc - Total times 1370
  • 56fe2502f2ed1c9c803300cdaa25377c4a151201c0ba07926382e84b76cabede - Total times 137
  • c9af4822e8393231e3db4434a96efcd3a3fdeeb0a4b9be06787429b28e58e0f0 - Total times 20
  • 24d3b7ba41637ce6237d13923c7d5a69bfd532d331a20d53e8416dfaafa952b7 - Total times 13

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